44 meters, 18 walls, 6 days, 2 nights without sleep, 6 colours

A Grid is a startup community and one of Europe’s largest centers for growth companies. As part of the Aalto University campus they work as a gateway to the university’s international network of resources, talented students and cutting-edge research and resources. They also serve as a vibrant space for entrepreneurial expertise, services and events. A Grid houses all kinds of startups, accelerators, such as the European Space Agency and Aalto Startup Center. I was invited among some other artists to work on murals for this space. For work, I chose one of the most difficult spaces: long-long corridor.

Due to different circumstances I had only 6 days to make this work. This page contains all parts of this challenging project.

part 01: sketches

Since there were several artists working in the building, we all agreed to choose one color palette. 
I wanted to make the space happier and also to give a feeling, that people who are working there on start ups do it with hands, heart and a lot of attention (and with a bit of magic, of course, since the symbol of A-grid is a unicorn). Thats why I chose these elements to draw (plus some extra, just to make more fun details) :)

part 02: preparing the space, pencil sketches

I prepared the corridor for painting, drew all the sketches in pencil, covered the floor with a special film and sealed the baseboard with paper tape

from 2 sides. 

part 03: first layer / pink

There is one good rule for large murals - start with the light color. In my case it was pink. In the process, I found out that for painting  walls with brickwork rollers are absolutely not suitable - they just fly past the gaps between the bricks and it turns out that everything needs to be painted over with a brush again. So I refused the rollers and did all the work with brushes.

part 04: second layer / light turquoise

I really like the shade of blue, which was used in all the murals in A-Grid.

At this stage, a clearer image was beginning to form.

part 05: third and fourth layer / dark green and bright red

That day I decided to stay there over the night: at night I always work better, also it was at least not as hot as during the day. In one night, I completed all the details that were supposed to be green and red, and in some surprising way I managed to paint myself as well!

part 06: fifth layer and details /

black and white and all the colours again

The last day and night without sleep were the hardest. I completed the work with the most beautiful and important color: black. Plus I added all the necessary final details on the top, using previous colours and a bit of white as well. This is how cosmos appeared on the walls, and spines grew on cacti. 

You can see all the final results here:

happy end <3

This project, due to its speed and scope of work, demanded maximum exposure and concentration from me, but the result was worth all this effort and the guys also appreciated my work. 

More mural projects are waiting for me (I hope), but meanwhile you come can see this one here: 

A Grid
Otakaari 5
02150 Espoo