city guide



This project originated from my solo exhibition, for which I have created an “alphabet” for my city. Later I have converted this exhibition to a city guide, which was published in 2016. All illus- trations, texts and layout were done by me with much love and attention.

New edition of the book was realised in 2020.

It al started from my solo exhibition at the Loft Project ETAGI – a multifunctional art space in the center of Saint Petersburg. The main idea of the exhibition was to make an “alphabet” of my city. This topic was interesting for me at that point because each person has his/her own associations with the hometown and I wanted to find as many interesting things I know about my city as possible. The exhibition was open to the public for half a year,  from the 18th March till 31st August, 2015. 

The exhibition was so popular that it was opened almost half a year longer than originally planned, there were many photos from exhibition in social networks and media. And I was also invited to present this exhibition in Poland in the parallel program of the Russian cinema festival “Sputnik over Poland”. 

Later, a large Russian bookstore chain BUKVOED has signed a contract with me for the production of refrigerator magnets with the pictures from the exhibition. 

In autumn of 2015 the publishing house PITER asked me to convert the exhibition into a city guide. All: illustrations, texts and layout were done by me with a lot of love and attention. In this book I share with the readers (in alphabetical order) main landmarks and favourite cafes / bars, tel about the famous St. Petersburg's citizens and reveal interesting facts about the city. All the illustrations in the first edition were drawn by hand on paper, which was enormous work.

In 2019 people from the publishing house wrote me and asked to make a new cover, in response I suggested to redo the entire guide, because many new places that appeared in St. Petersburg over the last years were not presented in the book, also there were a lot of outdated information, but most importantly, the style it was drawn was outdated, since over the past couple of years I’ve inevitably evolved in drawing, and I wanted to give the book a second life and make something beautiful and fresh.

The second edition came out of the print in 2020.

The book is available on Russian only, but I hope to make an English edition one day as well.