one day one sketch


I started this project on July 7, 2014. My idea was to draw one sketch or illustration every day. This was a big challenge for me and I decided to post them in a blog, so that other people could see them (hence it would be a shame not to draw). Nowadays I have more than 30 000 followers and a lot of new opportunities because of this challenge. Project is still in progress. You can find some of the sketches on this page or click the link below to see project 

(it's in Russian social network vkontakte).

black & red 

works made in my favorite colors: black and red 

small comics 

Small comics about my everyday life

minimalistic illustrations

Some super minimalistic and abstract sketches 


bright and colourfull illustrations 

fan art

inspired by something or somebody


love to draw girls

small animations

I hate to do animations, but gifs are fun