radio broadcast 

.point .line. spot.

At the end of June 2016, I decided to make my own podcast. Having no idea how to record anything , I made an announcement in my blog (one day one sketch) that looked like this:


" Hello everybody! Today is Thursday, and on Thursdays I like to share special news.

You often send me questions about everything in the world, (but first of all about illustration) and I really want to help you. So, with great excitement, I announce that I have decided to make my own podcast! I will try to tell you everything I know and have learned in 2 years of continuous drawing. I will tell you how my own exhibition happened and how I published my first book, why illustration is notdifficult at all and what you need in order to start drawing and making money out of it, where and how to catch inspiration and about many other things. Details about where and how you can listen to my podcast, I'll write to you later!

In the meantime, I'm reading scary articles about RSS and trying to choose a microphone."

I was lucky and I was contacted by the guys who worked on Radio Factory, a small online radio from

St. Petersburg. They invited me to talk and offered: if I will make a small podcast with them, they promise to take care of the recording,  mixing and all technical parts. Good deal, huh?

That's me working on a new episode!

Gosh, radio time was an amazing time!

The name of my podcast was inspired by Wassiliy Kandinsky's book "Point and Line to Plane", where he analyzed the geometrical elements which make up every painting—the point and the line. He called the physical support and the material surface on which the artist draws or paints the basic plane. The reference to his work seemed to me a good find and I used it in the name of the program and logo. 

If I think about what work brought me the most joy, I immediately recall our cozy evenings in the studio on Petrogradskiy island. Various signs and street pointers hung on the walls, we ate cakes and drunk coffee right in the studio, and I learned to speak sharper, clearer and more expressive. We recorded many, many issues about illustration and art. 

here you can find all the issues

(unfortunately, they are only in Russian, but I made a short description in English, just so that not a Russian-speaking audience would have an idea of what they are about)


welcome to the world of illustration

The first issue of the program “Point.Line.Spot” is a virtual kick for your creative ass.



looking for inspiration

The second edition of the program illuminates the problem of finding inspiration. Here I try to explain why inspiration is not a myth and what techniques can help you to catch a muse.



how to find your style?

This issue answers the exciting question about finding a style as an artist. I try to explain why your style is hiding very close to you and how you can meet it.



how to promote your work?

The fourth issue reveals several secrets of promoting your work.



how to work with clients?

This issue highlights work with clients.



about the difference between manual and computer graphics

This issue is dedicated to the difference between computer and traditional graphics.



about drawing every day

This issue is devoted to drawing every day. I talk in details about the advantages of this dedication.



where to learn how to draw

The eighth edition of the program is devoted to the review of places in St. Petersburg where you can learn how to draw.



application areas of illustration

Overview of application areas of illustration. 



tips for Beginners in Illustration

The tenth issue of the program is devoted to the most important tips for beginners in illustration.



about comics

The eleventh issue of the program is dedicated to comics. I dispel the main myths about this type of art and tell you what it is: the magic of comics.



about comics part 2

continue talking about comics.



15 important design and illustration principles

This issue contains 15 important principles of design and illustration. I talk about the most important tips that help professionals create high-quality work.



why "black square" is a great piece of art

This issue is dedicated to the "black square" by Kazimir Malevich. I try to help audience to understand better not only this unusual piece  but special parts of art in general.



Sketchbook: your ticket to the world of inspiration

This issue is about what kind of sketchbooks are there for your art process and how to start filling out your creative sketchbook.



what to do if you have a creative crisis

The sixteenth issue is about creative crisis, about what to do if you are experiencing times of decline and decay.



how to organize your time

What you need to do to finally start managing everything in time



working as a freelancer

First-hand information about how it is: to be a freelancer 



tips for freelancers

Tips that will help you work more efficiently



how to tell a story with an image

How to tell a story using images? Advices that will help to approach this task



book illustration history

The twenty-first issue of the program is dedicated to the history of book illustration